DELIVERY VANS Manual and Automatic - Make and Model may change without notice

$75.00 per day

$525.00 per week

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$110.00 per Day
The IVECO, is one of the best on the Australian market. IVECO has the biggest share of Europe's huge van segmen. The IVECO is designed for big loads to be hauled over long distances - perfect, it seems, for Australia. It comes with payloads of up to 1650kg and in its long wheelbase format to fit up to three standard Australian pallets. The cargo area is 12.5cu.m - while the rear barn doors open to 270-degrees for easy loading with a forklift.

Toyota Hiace

$65.00 per Day
Toyota HiAce - Zippy Van for around town deliveries or small weekend removals. launched in its current form in 2005 with a taller final drive ratio to suit an increase in output of the diesel engine to 100kW/300Nm. Its fuel economy improved 7 per cent, now 8 L/100km for the LWB diesel. The HiAce LWB has 6cu.m of cargo space and the SLWB model has 9.8cu.m of space. Cargo height is 1335mm for LWB and 1635mm for the SLWB van and widths are 1545mm and 1730mm respectively.